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Good Samaritan Catholic College Learning Centre: Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety Tools

Budd:e - Interactive module to Cyber Security and Safety

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Digital Citizenship

Do you use the internet to share information about yourself or others, communicate with friends, comment on what you see online, play games, get material for an assignment or buy stuff online? If you answered YES to any of these, you are a digital citizen.

Why is digital citizenship important?  Do you want to get the best out of using the internet and keep yourself and others safe and healthy in an online world? Complete the below activity to see if you are a responsible digital citizen.

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When a group of high-school friends post a rumour about a rival it sparks a chain reaction that leaves no one untouched. Cyberbullying, sexting, filmed fights and police action ensue—will these  friends avoid being tagged forever?

Tagged from eSafety Office on Vimeo.


#GameOn is an eSafety video following the online experiences of a group of lower secondary students who find themselves in situations that catch them off-guard and teach them the consequences of making poor decisions online.
The video touches on the issues of:
• Cyberbullying
• Excessive gaming
• Sharing passwords
• Free downloads
• Online friends.

#GameOn from eSafety Office on Vimeo.

Cyber Safety Videos